Fighting a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket

Fighting a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket

Few motorists complete their lives without receiving at least one speeding ticket. Most times, speeding tickets are worth fighting. This is especially true if you are accused of speeding in a school zone, as these tickets tend to garner higher fines and lead to other serious consequences.

A criminal defense lawyer can fight the accusation that you sped in a school zone. They may prompt the dismissal of your case or reduce your legal penalties. This may save you money and spare you from other severe consequences.

Consequences of Failing to Successfully Fight a Speeding Ticket

You should not dismiss your traffic violation as “just a ticket.” If you do not fight to secure a dismissal or reduction of your traffic violation, you may face:

Financial Penalties

The cost of a ticket for speeding in a school zone depends on how far beyond the speed limit you are accused of driving (in miles per hour). You may face a citation with costly fines for speeding in a school zone. If construction workers were also present or you were accused of passing a school bus illegally, the cost of your fines can be significantly more.

Loss of Driving Privileges

States differ in how they treat traffic citations and driving privileges. Some states use point systems, but not every state does. For example, Texas no longer uses a points system to track drivers’ fitness to operate a motor vehicle, though itSpeeding Ticket Lawyer still keeps track of violations. If you accrue too many violations in a certain period, the state may:

  • Result in the suspension of your license
  • Disqualify you from driving
  • Require you to take burdensome measures (or wait a significant time) to reinstate your driving privileges

These penalties may apply if you have four or more moving traffic violations within a 12-month period or seven or more moving traffic violations within a 24-month period. A ticket for speeding in a school zone can be the tipping point that triggers such penalties.

Severe Personal Problems

If you lose your driving privileges because of the effects of your ticket, you may:

  • Be unable to get to work
  • Be unable to earn a living
  • Be unable to tend to personal responsibilities
  • Suffer psychologically, emotionally, and otherwise because of these challenges

A ticket for speeding in a school zone can have a domino effect beyond the ticket’s immediate effects.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Traffic violations generally cause higher insurance premiums. When the insurance company sees that you were found responsible for speeding in a school zone, its representatives will likely:

  • Determine that you endangered others in a serious way
  • View you as a riskier person to insure
  • Immediately justify raising your premium payments because you are accused of speeding in a school zone

Depending on all relevant factors, you can see a significant hike in your auto insurance costs if you don’t successfully fight your speeding in a school zone ticket.

How Do I Fight a School Zone Speeding Ticket?

Hiring a lawyer may be the most effective way to fight a ticket for speeding in a school zone. Motorists choose to hire a criminal defense lawyer because:

  • Motorists are often busy with work and professional obligations and can’t spare the time to fight their ticket
  • Attorneys have valuable experience resolving tickets for speeding and other alleged traffic violations
  • Attorneys may be familiar with judges and prosecutors (and know the tendencies of those parties)
  • A lawyer’s familiarity with a prosecutor may provide strong footing to negotiate a positive legal resolution
  • You may benefit from a lawyer’s experience-based advice regarding your speeding in a school zone ticket

Traffic tickets can have significant negative consequences. Do not wait to ask for a lawyer’s help securing the best possible outcome to a difficult situation.

Defenses Your Lawyer May Use to Fight Your Speeding Ticket 

Your attorney will review all available evidence and information related to your traffic citation. They will determine the right defense for you, which may include the argument that:

The School Zone Was Not Properly Marked

If you were unaware that you were entering a school zone, this may be an effective defense against the pending citation. Your attorney may argue that:

  • There was not adequate signage indicating a school zone
  • Lights were not flashing, indicating the school zone was in effect
  • School zone signs were obstructed
  • Signage did not clearly indicate the speed limit in the school zone
  • Other circumstances made it difficult for you to know you were in a school zone

Your attorney will cite any other circumstances that caused you to fail to recognize a school zone.

The Officer Was Incorrect in Determining You Were Speeding

If you feel you were unjustly accused of speeding, your attorney will make this case. Law enforcement officials sometimes have perverse incentives to write traffic citations, and you may have been mistakenly or intentionally accused of speeding without merit.

The Officer Identified the Wrong Motorist

School zones can have heavy traffic. It is possible that the law enforcement officer identified the wrong vehicle that was speeding. Unless the prosecution can prove beyond a doubt that you were speeding in a school zone, your lawyer might have the citation dismissed.

If there are any other valid defenses to your school zone speeding citation, your lawyer will use those defenses in your favor.

How an Attorney Will Fight Your School Zone Speeding Ticket

Your lawyer will lead every step of your defense, which may include:

  • Securing all exculpatory evidence that absolves you of the citation
  • Securing witness testimony that benefits your case
  • Relying on any experts whose services benefit your case
  • Identifying the best strategy for your case
  • Negotiating a resolution with the prosecutor in your case
  • Defending you in court, if necessary

Your lawyer will advise you throughout the legal process and accompany you to all case-related appointments.

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