Traffic Tickets

The Benavides Law Firm handles all types of traffic ticket offenses in the city of Houston and throughout Harris county and surrounding counties. Some of the most common are speeding tickets, red light tickets, running a stop sign, accidents, bad/hot checks, no insurance and no/suspended driver’s license tickets and many more. All of these violations can result in fines, points on your record, surcharges, suspension and/or denial of your Texas Driver’s license and increased insurance rates cases, and in some cases, jail time. Failure to appear in court for these charges may result in additional fines and court costs and a warrant for your arrest being issued.

I can help protect your Texas driver’s license and commercial driver’s license from surcharges, being revoked or suspended. If your license is already suspended we can help get you reinstated or possibly get you an occupational driver’s license.

If you have missed your court date, I can help you by posting bonds to remove the warrant and attend court with you to fight these charges. I will do my best to dismiss or reduce the charges against you and keep your record clean.

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