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Protecting Your Driving Privileges

At some point, most people will get pulled over. If you received a ticket or some other offense, you do not automatically have to pay it. Get help protecting your driving privileges by calling Benavides Law Firm. With over two decades of reputable client service, Attorney Kelly Benavides has what it takes to help preserve your future and avoid paying heavy fines.

Call today and schedule your free consultation. Whether you were involved in an accident or got caught driving without a license, you should not have to suffer license points and higher insurance rates. We can help you plan your defense and avoid the consequences of a driving offense. Get started today.

Over 20 Years Protecting Clients

The consequences of a ticket are worse than they might seem. Not only do you have to pay immediate fines and be extra careful on the road in the future, but your insurance rates can skyrocket and make life more difficult. Benavides Law Firm has spent decades helping our clients fight tickets successfully, earning Kelly Benavides a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating and membership in the National College for DUI Defense. While you may think it’s easier to just pay the ticket and be done with the matter, you should consider the benefits of protecting your driving privileges. During your free consultation with Benavides Law Firm, we will go over what happened in your case to determine how to strengthen your position and help you avoid suffering the consequences of a ticket.

In Harris County, traffic laws are written to protect people from dangerous operators. For people who are otherwise safe drivers, receiving a ticket can hit them with some harsh consequences reserved for far worse motorists. Our experienced Houston traffic ticket lawyer understands the strategies that work when fighting traffic violations. We have helped many of our clients to keep their driving record clean and avoid consequences for more serious problems. Even if you were charged with a criminal offense, Benavides Law Firm knows how to help you tell your side of the story and keep from having your future tarnished. Call today and schedule your free consultation. We offer services in English and Spanish.