Failure to Yield Tickets

Failure to Yield Tickets

We all get impatient behind the wheel or simply make mistakes while driving at some point. Whether you purposely cut a corner to get to your destination sooner or misinterpreted a situation at a traffic stop, you might see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and an officer might issue you a failure to yield ticket.

Many drivers receive citations every day for failure to yield violations. These violations might involve running a stop sign, not yielding to pedestrians, or neglecting to give the right of way to other vehicles. Whatever the circumstances, these violations can have serious consequences.

If you recently received a failure to yield ticket, you may wonder what your options are and how to handle the legal process. Should you pay the ticket? Go to court? Call a lawyer?

How you handle the matter can have implications for your future, so the best course of action is always to discuss your options with a skilled traffic defense attorney near you. An experienced traffic ticket attorney in Houston will know the traffic laws, courts, and prosecutors in your area and can advise on how to best proceed in your situation.

Understanding Failure to Yield Violations

Understanding Failure to Yield Violations

Failure to yield can occur in many situations, including when:

  • Entering an intersection
  • Turning into or leaving a driveway
  • There are yield signs
  • Merging on or off a multi-lane roadway
  • There are emergency vehicles

Often, tickets result from collisions, and officers issue citations when they report to the scene. However, an officer can stop a driver when they witness a failure to yield in the absence of an accident.

Failure to yield violations are serious traffic offenses that can result in fines, moving violations on your driving record, and even license suspension. The consequences can be even more severe if the violation causes an accident resulting in property damage or bodily injury. It helps to understand the specific laws regarding failure to yield in your jurisdiction, as these vary from state to state.

For example, in Texas, fines for moving violations are generally around $200. However, when an accident with injuries occurs due to failure to yield, the situation becomes much costlier, as follows:

  • Someone else suffered bodily injury in the collision = Fines from $500 to $2,000
  • Someone else suffered serious bodily injury in the collision = Fines from $1,000 to $4,000

The stakes can become much higher if failing to yield results in an accident and injuries to others in Texas.

Every state has something in common: a traffic citation can have surprisingly lasting effects, especially if it involves a collision and injuries. Always consult a traffic defense lawyer if you receive this type of citation.

Is it Possible to Fight a Citation?

Like any other type of citation or offense, you are presumed innocent until you are proven guilty. If you pay the ticket, you are pleading guilty to the offense. If you do not pay it right away, you have the option to mount a defense, and you should meet with a traffic defense lawyer immediately.

Your options regarding your failure to yield ticket include the following:

  • Pay the fine – You can pay the fine and put the ticket behind you, but this is essentially a guilty plea. The offense will go on your driving record, which can affect your insurance rates or even employment if you drive for work. You can also have your license suspended if you get too many moving violations in a short time.
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor—If a traffic defense attorney handles the matter, they have the opportunity to negotiate with the prosecutor for a possible plea bargain. Your lawyer can present mitigating factors, and the prosecutor might amend the charge to a lesser offense or reduce the penalties.
  • Fight the charges in court – The final option is to go to trial and fight the charges altogether. If you wish to take this route, you need an experienced traffic defense lawyer who can present a persuasive case to the judge.

Knowing your options is the first step. You should weigh the pros and cons of each with your attorney.

How Can You Defend Against a Failure to Yield Citation?

How Can You Defend Against a Failure to Yield Citation

While it is possible to defend against this type of citation, it is not a simple task, and you should never attempt it alone. You should develop your defense strategy with your skilled defense attorney. Some common defense arguments include:

  • You had the right of way
  • You did properly yield the right of way
  • The law enforcement officer did not have a clear view of your vehicle and conduct
  • The other driver in a collision was dishonest about what happened

Your attorney can gather evidence to support your defense. Perhaps a nearby surveillance camera captured your collision, showing you did not violate the law and cause the accident. Witnesses might have seen what happened and might testify you did not fail to yield. The evidence will vary from case to case, and your defense attorney will determine what evidence might support your defense.

Additional Benefits of Defending Against a Failure to Yield Ticket

If you receive a failure to yield ticket at the scene of an accident and someone has injuries, chances are the consequences will go beyond fines. The injury victim might also try to hold you civilly liable for their injuries. Defending against your ticket in the criminal system can also benefit your civil claim in many situations. This might save you significant money in insurance premium increases.

Contact a Traffic Defense Attorney Today

No matter where you are located, hiring a traffic defense attorney is important when facing a failure to yield ticket. These experienced professionals know how the traffic and criminal justice system works in your jurisdiction, and they can advise you on your options.

Instead of simply paying the ticket and accepting the consequences, contact a traffic defense attorney today to discuss your case and receive the guidance you need. Remember, seeking professional legal representation is the first step towards resolving your failure to yield ticket effectively.

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