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Since 2002, Benavides Law Firm has been a proud member of the Houston community. Attorney Kelly Benavides has over 20 years of experience handling traffic ticket warrant cases and has earned a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. If you forgot to deal with old traffic tickets and now find that there is a warrant out for your arrest, let us help.

Many clients report feeling unsure of what to do and are surprised by the additional fines and fees the courts are asking. They also report being fearful that the police will publicly arrest them and that their reputation will suffer. This is where we can help.

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How to Deal with a Traffic Ticket Warrant

When you are issued a traffic ticket—such as for speeding or running a stop sign—you will be asked to either pay a fine or appear in court. While many people feel compelled to rush to court and pay the fines out of fear of being arrested, this is not always your best option.

Paying the fines means that you accept the citation, and it will appear on your driving record. This could affect your insurance rates and have a negative impact on the outcome of future traffic cases.

Working with a lawyer in this situation can enable you to:

  • Fight the original citations
  • Avoid unnecessary points on your record
  • Fight for possible dismissal of unfounded citations
  • Protect your driving privileges
  • Lift the warrant from the citation
  • Avoid arrest

Can I Get a Warrant for Unpaid Traffic Tickets?

If you have received a traffic ticket, it is important to note the due dates associated with your ticket. A bench warrant may be issued for your arrest if you:

  • Failed to pay your ticket by the due date
  • Failed to appear at your court date to fight the ticket

It is vital to your defense to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after receiving any form of traffic ticket in order to learn about your options and avoid further potential penalties.

When You Need Legal Support, Call Benavides Law Firm

Discovering that there is a warrant out for your arrest as a result of unpaid traffic tickets can be scary. With the support of Attorney Kelly Benavides, you can feel more confident going to court. We know that there are many reasons why someone may neglect to deal with a traffic citation.

We also know how stressful it is having a warrant hanging over your head. With an experienced Houston traffic ticket warrant lawyer by your side, you can get those tickets taken care of once and for all.

Our traffic ticket lawyer is conveniently located in Houston, speaks both Spanish and English, and is standing by to answer all of your questions. Call Benavides Law Firm at (713) 955-7344 or contact us online.


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