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Traffic accidents are stressful, and it can be difficult to know what to do after one has occurred. Unfortunately, in all the confusion, some people are erroneously charged with a hit and run. If this has happened to you, it is recommended that you secure legal representation as soon as possible.

Hit and run cases are prosecuted aggressively by the Texas court system, and a traffic lawyer experienced with hit and run incidents in Houston can help you protect your rights. The Benavides Law Firm has been part of the Houston community since 2002, and Attorney Kelly Benavides has over 20 years of experience handling these types of cases.

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What is a Hit and Run?

In Houston, it is illegal to leave the scene of a motor vehicle accident if you were involved. An accident can qualify as a hit and run if:

  • A driver hits a parked car without contacting the owner.
  • A driver causes an accident and leaves the scene.

The Texas Transportation Code outlines a driver’s responsibility after a motor vehicle accident involving injury or death as:

  • A driver must immediately stop and return to the scene of the accident, determine if anyone involved in the crash requires assistance—medical or otherwise.
  • Exchange information with the other individuals involved.

Failure to do so can result in serious legal consequences.

Hit & Run Charges in Houston, TX

Penalties of a hit and run may include:

  • A felony conviction and criminal record
  • Jail time
  • Fines up to $5,000

With so much at stake, it is a good idea to secure an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. With this in mind, Benavides Law Firm offers free case evaluations either in person or over the phone. We can discuss your case and your needs and help you come up with a defense plan that puts your best interest first.

Why Do People Run After an Accident?

There are a variety of reasons why someone decides to the flee the scene of an accident. These are some of the most common ones we’ve seen over the years:

  • Scared and don’t know what to do.
  • Do not have insurance or are worried about their rates increasing.
  • Outstanding tickets.
  • Undocumented worker.
  • Drunk driver.

I Was Involved in a Hit & Run, Will I Lose My License?

Possibly, but with the help of an experienced advocate fighting for your interests, you can increase your chances at the best outcome for your hit and run situation.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to show that you are not a threat on the road. If, for example, you don’t have any prior criminal history or tickets, a judge will be more likely to issue a sentence that allows you to prove yourself.

What Should I Do If I Was Involved in a Hit and Run Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Houston, the first thing you should do is stop and exchange information with the other person involved. The information that must be exchanged includes:

  • The name and address of the vehicle operator
  • Vehicle registration numbers
  • The name of the vehicle operators’ insurance provider.

There are many reasons why someone may not stay on the scene after an accident, such as a lack of adequate insurance or simply fear. However, this does not mean that the driver bears any ill will or is trying to avoid their responsibility.

At Benavides Law Firm, we believe everyone deserves top-quality legal representation, and we work hard to protect our clients’ best interests, regardless of the circumstances. Our Houston hit and run lawyer can provide you with the guidance you need to navigate this challenging situation.

To work with a law firm founded on tenets of integrity and honesty, call Benavides Law Firm at (713) 955-7344 and schedule a free consult with our Houston hit & run lawyer.

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