Criminal Defense

Experienced Houston based criminal lawyer to protect your intrests

Houston is recognized as the city of financial and commercial hub in Texas. Being such a robust city in the US, every rule and law is strictly followed across the city. Whatever you do, remember you are keenly observed by the officers of the law. Whereby, any offense can lead to severe punishment. But, if by chance you are charged with any criminal offense then you are visiting the right website. My name is Kelly D. Benavides and I am a criminal lawyer in Houston with years of experience in dealing with all kinds of criminal cases, including DWI/DUI.

I am a licensed Houston based criminal lawyer that represents people with criminal offenses in Harris and surrounding counties. I handle all kinds of felony and misdemeanor cases such as: DWI/DUI POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, ASSULT, FAMILY CIOLENCE, THEFT, BAD CHECKS, EVADING ARREST, REVOCATION OF PROBATION, ROBBERY, BURGLARY and more. I can represent you on any criminal case that you have been charged within Houston and surrounding cities.

Before anyone else or even you considering yourself guilty, remember you are actually innocent until you are proven guilty by the court of law. However, keep in mind that criminal charges are serious and have long-term consequences. They can result in jail time, fines and court costs along with convictions on your record. Above all this, it will ruin your reputation in the community. Nevertheless, based on your case you may be eligible for DISMISSAL, DEFERRED ADJUDICATION, PROBATION, COMMUNITY SERVICE or BOND REDICTION. So, this is where you would need a well versed criminal lawyer in Houston to guide you about the procedure.

AS a former city of Houston Prosecutor, I am very familiar with the procedure and the laws regarding all types of criminal violation. The state of Texas has experienced District attorneys working on their side and you need an experienced Houston criminal lawyer to defend and protect your legal rights in and around the county and the state of Texas.